Paradisio and Kopi- two beans in a pod

Caffe Paradisio truly has that coffee house feel.

We have a good smattering of the stock coffee places in Champaign Urbana including the world wide brands as well as a few good locals.

Two of the townies that are very good and very similar are Kopi in downtown Champaign and Paradisio on the east side of the U of I campus.

Kopi is good because it is convenient, it opens early, eats are decent, and bottom line the coffee is awesome. One nice option is to bring your own cup and only pay a buck- actually it recently went up to 1.25.

Caffe Paradisio is good for many of the same, but it is SO bohemian. Old hippies have to love it. They also feature live music mostly on weekends.

Both places will let you hang and have good plugins and wifi.

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