Recycle your Electronics!

electronics recycle

View the list below of acceptable electronic items to recycle.  There is a limit of 10 items per household.

Computer components:

– Computers, printers, copiers, monitors*, keyboards, speakers, mice, cables, PDAs

– Software, CDROM/floppy disks, UPS, tablet computers

– Computer parts including but not limited to: circuit boards, hard drives, optical drives, power supplies, ribbon cables, RAM

– Networking equipment, hubs, switches, routers, cables, modems, scanners

– Ink cartridges


– Televisions*, VCRs, Radios, stereo equipment, tape recorders, record players, remote controls, MP3 players, compact disc players,


– Electronic toys, amplifiers, electronic keyboards

– Hand-held gaming devices, game consoles, Walkmans, sewing machines

– Digital cameras, camcorders

Communication Devices and Other Office Electronics:

– Cash registers, typewriters, adding machines, calculators

– Copiers, duplicators, voice recorders

– Label makers

– Portable power banks and coin counters

– Telephones, PBX systems, answering machines, fax machines,

– CB radios, ham radios, cell phones, pagers, Black Berry/ Palm Units, GPS units, Bluetooth serial port adapter

– Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and adapters, surge strips

– Video recorders, video monitors, security systems, walkie-talkies

Miscellaneous: – cables/cords/wire

* not accepted: broken glass cathode-ray-tube televisions or broken glass cathode-ray-tube monitors – not accepted:

For a complete listing of items not accepted, please visit the Champaign County RRR webpage at

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