Real Estate Apps Can Go Wrong

Nowadays, online shopping has almost taken over the act of physically going to a store and checking the merchandise. Almost anything can be done online. Yes, even the concept of buying and selling homes online has been embraced for convenience and efficiency. People who are interested to buy or list their homes resort to apps that are available online to check out the real estate market.

Homeowners who wish to put their house in the market now have the option to show pictures and other pertinent details of their property. They can also get to communicate with online shoppers and asses the serious shoppers.  Because online listings now, can show to would-be buyers almost everything they need to know before actually seeing it.

The thing about all these information thrown in the internet though may render consumers misinformed because of several issues with these listing sites.

There are common things that these listing sites can get wrong:

1. Fake listings: In this time where fake news are all over the internet, it is definitely true that there are also fake listings. For example, posters or online flyers with pictures fake house are posted in these sites merely as click bait.Worse, these fake listings are used to get your personal information for marketing purposes. Like in online or offline shopping, scams happen. One home owner was shocked to find pictures of his home were posted in a listing site after a suspicious would-be buyer informed him about it. Apparently, someone stole the pictures from another listing site, assumed his identity and asked people for holding fees on a home they would never own. instructs its users how to be alert of scams and internet fraud so you don’t waste time and energy engaging with fake listings.

2. Listings may not be updated: Many times, some listings aren’t updated. Listings that may show Active in these sites may actually be Pending or are already Sold. Or a house that is labelled Sold has  been brought back to the market.

This may confuse some sellers and those who wants to put their homes in the market. Potential buyers may pass on a perfect home or sellers might miss out on buyers because the listing information is out-of-date.

In an effort to avoid losing potential buyers or sellers who search for information online, some listing sites (like Zillow, Trulia, gets automatic updates from the brokerage company’s database for a more accurate information on their other listing sites. This means that realtors connects their  database or their main listing site to these apps in order to widen the exposure of their client’s property. Any edits or updates can automatically be reflected on the listing site connected to the realtor’s main listing site. This has so far reduced the update fiasco. However, an updated listing site may still have incorrect information that may confuse online home shoppers.

3. Property information may be incorrect: This poses potential problems for both buyers and sellers. The number of bedrooms may not be posted correctly, pictures are labelled or arranged wrongly or worse, the location may not state where the property is located exactly. Indeed, there are still technical glitches in the app’s feeds. Buyers may use a feature that estimates the property’s worth but the disparity may be off by 8% nationally. This can scare off buyers of your property.

The BEST option:
Because of misinformation, your home sale or search may just be a waste of time and energy. Hence, it is always best to work with a real estate agent. Not only are real estate agents reliable in terms of access to a property that you are interested in but they can also take you on a tour to the home you are interested in or bring in potential buyers to your home.

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