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Thanks so much for visiting this site…and we welcome you to contact us.

Our offices are at Keller Williams, at 821 South Neil in Champaign.

You can call us at 217.621.6308 or 217.356.6100

Email is easy… .

Our team has grown!
Our team has grown!


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  1. I’m very excited to have found a Champaign-Urbana blog! I’m moving there for grad school in a month and am trying to familiarize myself with the community. I did research on the house I will be moving into and decided to turn the experience into a guide for researching your house through internet sources. The guide is posted on my blog ( The links in the guide focus on resources for Champaign-Urbana so you might check it out to see if it could be useful to your posts about neighborhoods and houses.

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