3313 Cherry Hills Drive, Champaign

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Home for sale in Champaign

Cherry Hills is right along Windsor Avenue, an easy jaunt from the University of Illinois. Cherry Hills subdivision is popular for many reasons- one is homes like this one.

This one is move in ready!

Welcome to this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Kenny built home located on Cherry Hills Drive as it meanders through this lovely subdivision. The spacious family room has a large fireplace. The cathedral ceilings make it perfect for informal gatherings. There are sliding doors to the deck and a large fenced backyard.

Four spacious bedrooms including the master suite are located upstairs. Freshly painted interior & new carpeting throughout make it ready…so MOVE RIGHT IN!

Call Sharon Harkness today to have a look. 217.621.6308.


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Briar Hill Condos For Sale

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0vrZa0St9E]There is a condo for sale in Briar Hill right now and you should see this one!

Briar Hill is a cool little area on west Windsor in Champaign. It was built years ago and has been so well maintained- it is like a little community.

Nearby Briar Hill is the new Champaign County YMCA– like you can walk to it!

Check out this condo for sale in Champaign listed now by Sharon Harkness.

The address is 14 Briar Hill, Champaign

14 Briar Hill, Champaign


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803 Fairway, Champaign, Illinois- amazing!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4Y991vuo4c]This home at 803 Fairway, Champaign is for sale and you should see it. Especially if your criteria is a home for sale near the University of Illinois, you will want to check this one out- the location is so convenient for all of Champaign Urbana.

Here you can take a look inside this lovely home for sale in Champaign.

And here are some pics:

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Homes in Ironwood

Welcome to Ironwood!

One of the truly quality subdivisions with homes for sale in Champaign right now is Ironwood.

This area is so convenient for the University of Illinois, is right next door to the new Champaign County YMCA, and is a very easy distance form Parkland College.

Cal Sharon Harkness today to have a look at any of the home for sale in Ironwood.


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An “A-Maize-ing” Taste of Mexico in Champaign

There are several of these small Mexican eateries springing up around Champaign Urbana, The new “Maize” near the University of Illinois campus at 1st and Green looks to be a keeper.

Maize was recently reviewed by Stacey Klouda on The Buzz and she glowed saying this place has “something to satisfy the Mexi-tooth in all of us”. I like that Mexi-tooth term- and I am sure I have an active one!

This place has all the flavor of authentic Mexico. It is small, congenial, and colorful. The food features rice, beans, and guac “all worthy of standing alone”. Beyond this there are delicious tortas, huarachis, and burritos. And even pumpkin blossoms (flor de calabacitas) and huitlacoche– don’t ask, just eat it and enjoy. OK you asked- it is this black pungent stuff that is actually corn smut.

This hole- in – the wall is affordable, cozy and here are some pics from Yelp:

Maize is easy to find at 1st and Green.
This cozy place even has the color of Mexico.
Tacos al Pastor with lots of cilantro.
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The Champaign Urbana Real Estate Market- Active!

Today’s News Gazette carried some good news stats for the Champaign Urbana real estate market.

Sharon Harkness confirmed this this morning:

“It’s barely Feb 1st and already buyers are out looking and sellers are putting their homes on the market.  The mild winter has helped as well as some stabilizing of prices.  We are fortunate to live in this market where jobs are more stable and we have businesses to help keep the market more stable than other areas in the state.”

Sharon Harkness is an expert on the CU real estate scene. 217.621.6308.
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Interest rates for Champaign Urbana

Interest rates for Champaign Urbana get lower and lower and have not risen since January 1st as some predicted.

Now home prices are perhaps beginning to move a bit…but only slightly.

What this means for Champaign Urbana real estate is that this is the ideal time to buy.

You may be coming the University of Illinois next fall – or perhaps for some other employment. Be assured that there is an excellent choice in homes for sale in Champaign Urbana.

Let us help you!



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Champaign Urbana Real Estate Stabilizing

An article in this morning’s News Gazette brings good news for people looking for Champaign Urbana Real Estate– and actually for sellers as well. The market is beginning to improve locally. Especially for homes for sale in Champaign and Savoy, the selling climate is much better.

One stat that stands out for the local real estate market is that median home prices are only down .36% while the statewide figure is down 9.2%. Beyond this Champaign and Savoy median prices were up 4.4%.

Here is what this means if you are looking at the Champaign Urbana real estate market:

Sellers: Inventory is clearing out and spring is a good time to get your home on the market. Call Sharon Harkness today and she will be glad to give you some help on getting your home ready to sell.

Buyers: Prices are still low, mortgage rates are a give away- mortgage rates for Champaign Urbana can be as low as 3% for a 15 year fixed! Beyond this there are many home on the market and buyers are usually able to negotiate a very good deal.

803 Fairway, Champaign.












Ont example of what this means is that homes for sale in Champaign like this one can be purchased at a bargain price right now. This one is on a lovely shaded street and is very close to the University of Illinois.

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The New YMCA in West Champaign

Pumping in pool finish laterial last week at the new YMCA.
The last touches are going in on the amazing new YMCA building in west Champaign. This place will be a huge addition to the Champaign Urbana community. It will compliment the local fitness centers as well as the ARC and other University of Illinois gyms.

The sign is up but there is still a few weeks work left on this new facility.

Crews are hard at work and Mark Johnson (Champaign County YMCA CEO) says the doors will open March 1st.

When these doors open the whole Champaign Urbana area will benefit.
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How to get to the airports near Champaign Urbana

You can certainly fly from Willard Airport to anywhere. The American Eagle service will connect you to Chicago (ORD) or Dallas (DFW) and connections are great. And the nearby Bloomington terminal is easy and the parking is free. Sorry east and southeast travelers- BMI is about to loose AirTran.

But it is always possible to make the journey to Chicago, Indy or even St Louis by land and fly from there at a reduced fare. The drive is not bad and there are two decent options for shuttles.

1. LEX- its a bit pricey but it works and the Lex site is easy to use.

2. My pref for Chicago is Peoria Shuttle, or Peria Charter Coach Company. They have several runs each day from the campus area that will get you quickly and cheaply to Ohare or Midway. Again their site is simple and the service is good. Right now a ride to one of the airports is $22- a steal!

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