1809 Peach, Champaign, IL

Look at this move in ready ranch…walk right in this Sunday between 2 and 4! This home is completely updated and located on a large corner lot in an established neighborhood.

The spacious living room with hardwood floors is highlighted by large windows. Enjoy cooking in the eat-in kitchen, updated in 2010. Brand new HVAC system installed in Oct. 2012. New roof in 2008. Plenty of room in the over sized 2 car garage with workbench.

Convenient to campus, bus lines, shopping and parks!

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Real Estate Open House in Champaign

1407 Waverly Drive, Champaign, Illinois

This home on Waverly will be open this Sunday, 2-4pm.
This home on Waverly will be open this Sunday, 2-4pm.

This luxury home for sale in Champaign will be open this Sunday and we welcome you to come by to see it bewteen 2 and 4pm.

This exceptional home is located near one of Champaign’s premier golf courses. It was completely remodeled in 1994 & 2nd remodel in 2005. The home features an open floor plan and this provides for plenty of space for entertaining.

There are hardwood floors throughout much of the home.

Come by to experience this lovely home.

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The “Echo Boom” Generation in Champaign Urbana

Who are echo boomers?

They are 18- 35 years old and there are some 103 million of them who have come of age during one of the biggest housing downturns in history- and a downturn that has been painstakingly slow to get back to “normal”. They have been characterized as the “me, me, me” crowd that lives with their parents and spends hours snapping pics of them selves and throwing them onto facebook and twitter.

This narcissistic horde is also an important part of the Champaign Urbana scene- increasingly so in the last 20 years as new job opportunities have opened up in CU. Good evidence of this is the resurgence of downtown Champaign and the thriving CU music scene.

Condos like this for sale in Champaign are often exactly what the echo boomers are seeking in real estate.
Condos like this for sale in Champaign are often exactly what the echo boomers are seeking in real estate.

Will echo boomers buy real estate?

In a recent article on this topic, RIS Media gives a resounding “YES” and this could have huge implications for the emerging Chamapign Urbana Real Estate market. Here are some ideas from the RIS Media analysis:

  • According to recently released national survey findings from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, 75 percent of echo boomers surveyed believe owning a home is a fundamental indicator of success.
  • Those same respondents also believe they are more informed about home ownership than previous generations of buyers.
  • More than three-quarters (77 percent) of the next generation of American homeowners surveyed believe they have become increasingly knowledgeable about home ownership due to increased media coverage on real estate topics in the wake of the housing crisis.

With these changes in perspective and a healthy amount of homes for sale in Champaign Urbana, this demographic can make a huge difference over the next few months. Consider also that the good supply of lofts and upper story condos for sale in downtown Champaign offer desirable options for this market.

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Champaign County Real Estate

The market looks better and better for homes like this one for sale in Urbana.
The market looks better and better for homes like this one for sale in Urbana.

Real Estate Scene Looks Brighter

The Champaign County Association of Realtors reports that the real estate market in Champaign Urbana looks better and better. Association President Todd Salen made some comments quoted in a recent News Gazette article that give a very encouraging picture for the Champaign Urbana Market:

  • Median prices for homes is up from one year ago
  • Housing starts are up as well
  • The number of pending sales are 41 higher for April compared to a year ago
  • The forecast for the next two months is an expanding real estate market
  • Total value of homes sold so far this year is higher than a year ago
  • The job market in Champaign County is getting stronger

Salen also pointed out that the “echo boom” generation (an important part of the CU demography) are starting to invest in real estate.

So the indicators say this is a good time to list your home for sale…and it is a good time to buy as well.

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Spring is the time to get you house on the market

Every year about this time the buyers start thinking about moving and the buying market shows up from out of town. Also as the News Gazette reported recently, the housing ,market has been “up” continuously for the past 19 months. This means that you home for sale in Champaign Urbana is in demand and this is an excellent time to get it listed.

So here are some tips on getting your house ready to sell from realtor.com. As you look over this article you will find that it is really simple: clean, paint, fix, and then clean more. If your house feels dirty and smells when someone walks in you are probably not going to get an offer. And remember: only you love the smell of your dog/cat.

When it comes to spending money- especially remodeling- talk to one of our team first. Sometimes this is a good pre-sale move. But usually it just makes you feel better. We can help you figure out if the investment you might make will pay back.

So give us a call..we can help you figure out what your home will bring, how to get it ready and help you in every step of the process.

This is one our fine listings right now in Champaign.
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Your Home’s Front Door

This helpful info comes from Diane Loomis, Keller Williams agent in Langhorne, PA.

Oh, The Things Front Door Colors Convey

Your home’s front door is the portal to your domain.

What color you give it says a lot about what visitors can expect, from a warm welcome to a cold rejection.

Paint Quality Institute color cop Debbie Zimmer just won’t let it go.

Zimmer previously explained how colors can get people in the right frame of mind and how colors can put people in the spirit of the season.

Use hues right and it can be love at first sight. Use them wrong and you could be headed for a fight.

She’s not alone in her advice.

Spiritual artist Yohanna Jessup of Painting Sacred Spaces, works with the essence of paint as a liquid that becomes a solid and bonds with the surface of living spaces and, through color, texture and design, radiates energy that effects the quality of life.

“It opens doors to a greater sense of passion and purpose,” writes Jessup, who explains the use of color and design in a YouTube video with Mira Brey, interior designer, feng shui consultant, and owner of Present Moment Designs.

Speaking of doors, Zimmer is now knocking at yours with a bucket of fresh advice about what five popular door colors could mean to you and your guests.

“Whether or not we realize it, the colors with which we surround ourselves – in our clothes, cars, and homes – reveal a lot about us. For example, bright colors often indicate an outgoing personality, while subdued colors imply a more low-key persona,” Zimmer says.

Color, explains Zimmer, has a psychological component through which people often communicate their moods, feelings, emotions, and personality, even if they aren’t always aware of what they are saying.

While the entire exterior color scheme has meaning, the color of paint on the front door is key.

“Like a necktie, which is the focal point of an outfit, the front door is the focal point of the home. The color there sends a strong message,” Zimmer says.

Here’s what color psychologists say your front door color says about you.

Blue: Rest Stop – Behind the blue door is an owner who thinks first of the home as a refuge – calm, serene, and relaxing, the perfect retreat from an often harsh and demanding world.

Green: Peace Conservatory – Green connotes health, safety, tranquility, and harmony, all highly desirable attributes for the home environment.

Black: Power Center – A black front door projects strength, sophistication, power, and authority, indicating to all who enter or even passersby that the home is a serious place inhabited by a person of substance.

Red: Passion Palace – A color with punch, red is vibrant, full of life, energy and excitement. Here’s an exciting place to live.

Brown: Holistic Home or Dark Dungeon – Painted or stained brown says “natural” and “organic” and feels warm, stable and reliable. However, darker shades can be foreboding, signaling a desire for privacy or isolation.

If you’ve chosen the color for your front door, perhaps that’s the way you want it and you viewed. If you inherited the color, maybe it’s not sending the right message

Written by Broderick Perkins

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5 Ways to Get Ready to Sell Your House

This great advice for home sellers comes to us from our Keller Williams friend, Diane Loomis in Langhorne, PA:


Five Tips Before You Sell

Deciding to put your home on the market can bring on a wide range of emotions. You may feel excitement at the prospect of moving on or moving up. Some sellers feel anticipation about what the future holds and about what kind of deals buyers may bring to the table.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you may be feeling sadness or even regret. That’s because selling your house can feel a lot life selling your home. Any and all of these emotional responses are normal!

In order to stick to your guns and to keep on the sunnier side of the selling process it’s important to do five key things before you sell. Feeling prepared and in control of a situation is paramount in feeling good about your decision.

Here are the five pre-selling tips:

  • Organize Paperwork: You most likely have papers regarding any home warranties. Prospective buyers are going to want to have these. Having them ready for viewing is a great selling point. You might also consider putting together a list of current contacts for pool maintenance, lawn care, and even repair work companies.
  • Get an Inspection: Even almost new homes can have hidden damage. Most every buyer in today’s market will be getting an inspection. Beat them to the punch and have your own inspection performed so that you are not surprised come negotiation time.
  • Perform Repairs/Get Estimates: Having your own inspection gives you the time to identify problem areas and either repair them or get estimates to have ready for prospective buyers. They’ll love how organized and up-front you are!
  • Get Organized: Start packing as soon as you decide to list your home. Removing or packing away some of your personal belonging has two great benefits. First, it allows your home some breathing room to be staged and cleaned for showings (see #5). Buyers want to be able to see the house, not your stuff. Second, it starts the process of moving on. As you pack up your stuff you’ll find that the house will feel less and less familiar, which can be great for letting go of attachment.

HUGE LAST STEP>>>Stage: This means it’s time to amp up your curb appeal for starters. Trim trees and shrubs and pick up any debris from your yard. Keep you lawn in showing ready state all year around. You should also consider staging outdoor areas with freshly potted flowers, comfy chairs, and even outdoor accessories, such as lanterns, throws, and dinnerware. You may wonder what these very practical tasks have to do with emotions, but the truth is they are so inextricably linked! Our experiences dictate our emotions. So, take the time to prepare for the selling process. Dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s and then sit back and enjoy your journey into a new stage of life!

Written by Carla Hill

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Homeownership at lowest level in 15 years.

Homeownership Stats

The U.  S. Census Bureau released stats the other day showing that the numbers of people owning homes has slipped to its lowest level since 1997. While there are many good signs for the Champaign Urban real estate market and for the economy overall, this was not good news. But in reality there are good aspects of this both for real estate sellers and home buyers….or those who dream of owning a home.

Good News for Real Estate Buyers

1. There are lots of homes still on the market

2. Banks expect to foreclose on more homes in the next few months and these properties will come on the market at bargain prices.

3. Interest rates are expected to stay very low for at least 15 months according to how lending experts interpret the Federal Reserve now.

Good News for Real Estate Sellers

1. There is a huge population of people who are renting now and who could own a home for less.

2. The economy is on the upswing even though the real estate market is sluggish.

3. Homes are selling in Champaign Urbana and while there are many homes still on the market. there is room.

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Champaign Country Club View

1020 West Armory, Champaign

This lovely home at 1020 West Armory, Champaign just came on the market and it is one of those perfect vintage west side Champaign homes.

Here are some of the highlights:

Your dream…fulfilled.

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1702 S. Vine, Urbana, Illinois 61801

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jETPt8TfI7c]

Home for sale near Blair Park!

Blair Park is one of the grand old parks in Urbana and is the ideal spot for a game of tennis, a quiet walk…and certainly an excellent view to have in front of your home. This property in South Vine looks across at this treasure 24/7.


This 3 bedroom updated home is ideally located, less than a mile from the heart of the University of Illinois campus & only blocks to elementary & junior high. Enjoy outdoor living in the private fenced patio area. Kitchen completely updated with custom hickory cabinets & top of the line stainless steel appliances. Completely handicap assessable, with pull out counters, ramps & hardwood throughout. New roof in 2010. New high efficiency HVAC in 2010.


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