Recycle your Electronics!

electronics recycle

View the list below of acceptable electronic items to recycle.  There is a limit of 10 items per household.

Computer components:

– Computers, printers, copiers, monitors*, keyboards, speakers, mice, cables, PDAs

– Software, CDROM/floppy disks, UPS, tablet computers

– Computer parts including but not limited to: circuit boards, hard drives, optical drives, power supplies, ribbon cables, RAM

– Networking equipment, hubs, switches, routers, cables, modems, scanners

– Ink cartridges


– Televisions*, VCRs, Radios, stereo equipment, tape recorders, record players, remote controls, MP3 players, compact disc players,


– Electronic toys, amplifiers, electronic keyboards

– Hand-held gaming devices, game consoles, Walkmans, sewing machines

– Digital cameras, camcorders

Communication Devices and Other Office Electronics:

– Cash registers, typewriters, adding machines, calculators

– Copiers, duplicators, voice recorders

– Label makers

– Portable power banks and coin counters

– Telephones, PBX systems, answering machines, fax machines,

– CB radios, ham radios, cell phones, pagers, Black Berry/ Palm Units, GPS units, Bluetooth serial port adapter

– Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and adapters, surge strips

– Video recorders, video monitors, security systems, walkie-talkies

Miscellaneous: – cables/cords/wire

* not accepted: broken glass cathode-ray-tube televisions or broken glass cathode-ray-tube monitors – not accepted:

For a complete listing of items not accepted, please visit the Champaign County RRR webpage at

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Uncorked at Krannert Tonight

Krannert Uncorked
The James Jones trio kicks of Krannert Uncorked tonight at 5p at KCPA on the U of I campus.

The Thursday after work event at KCPA is back for another season and it get rolling tonight at Krannert on the University of Illinois campus. The Uncorked at Krannert show (and drinks) start at 5p in the spacious lobby and its free. The series extends through the school year each Thursday afternoon.

Tonights kickoff group is The James Jones Trio is traditional blues band from nearby Danville. James Jones will whail away as you sip wine after work–don’t miss it!


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Brick Streets in Champaign

Champaign Brick streets
Both Champaign and Urbana have bricks stockpiled for future repair of existing brick streets–and important part of local history!

One of the things we have as a part of our local history is a significant number of brick streets in near west side Champaign and in certain Urbana neighborhoods as well. Dan Corkery wrote about this in last Sunday’s News Gazette. He opened with the line. “I’m a sucker for brick streets”. And I would have to agree.

They stand the test of time, they resist the destructive forces of freeze and thaw we encounter, and they sound so good as you drive them. So why have most been replaced? First of all they are costly. Secondly they don’t do as well with todays heavier vehicles and truck traffic.

Champaign has 8 miles of these antiquated roadways and their future is assured in that they are in historic districts near downtown Champaign. Much of the credit for saving what we have for brick streets is due to preservationist and former Champaign mayor Dannel McCollum.

Dannel McCollum
Dannel McCollum–the brick man of Champaign.


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705 Wingstem, St Joseph Open House

St Joe open house
This affordable home at 705 Wingstem, St Joe is open this Sunday 2-4pm.

There is a real estate open house in St Joe this weekend and you can walk through and get info on Sunday, 2-4pm.

705 Winstem, St Joseph is a well priced and lovely home in one of Champaign County’s nicest little communities. St Joe has parks, local business, an easy drive to Champaign Urbana, and great schools.

This home is listed at only $157,000 and has lots of updates. Check out the backyard and deck!

Open house in St Joe
Wide open backyard with lots of room for entertaining on the deck–a great home!

And take a look at the interior!

Open house in St Joe
The spacious interior if this home has many updates.


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Top Places to Walk, Jog, or Run in Champaign Urbana

Running spot in Champaign Urbana
Colbert Park in Savoy has a great hill for training as well as gravel trails for conditioning for trail running–and there is a water source and restroom!

Chambanamoms recently published a very good list of walking trails around Champaign Urbana–great resource.

When it comes to running spots in CU, there are several and they vary a great deal.

Here is an overview of seven top running and jogging places in the Champaign Urbana area:

-Lake of the Woods near Mahomet- good asphalt trail, 6 miles, shaded for most, nice scenery.

-Meadowbrook Park, Urbana- more of a walking spot and it is cement, but nice prairie area. Near the U of I.

Colbert Park, Savoy– Great hill and gravel paths all around–and drinking water and bathrooms. A bit windswept and near the University of Illinois

-Centennial Track- open almost all the time just west of Centennial High Schoool

Illinois Marathon Route and Stone Creek Drive Trail- decent street route through the Champaign Urbana area. Part of the route goes along Stone Creek Drive which has a great bike run trail.

-U of I Cross Country Trail- Near the Japanese Garden—nice grass trail with a hill

-Kickapoo State Parkand Middle Fork near Oakwood- Good trails both at the park and at the natural area to the north


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Taste of Champaign 2014

Taste logo 2

You have to love the name of this iconic festival —Taste of CU— now in it’s 44th year!

But wait–that logo above came from the current Facebook page for Taste of Champaign Urbana–but it is wrong on the dates. Taste of CU has been moved back and is coming up this weekend.

Here are the correct dates:

Friday, August 15 • 5–11pm
Saturday, August 16 • 11am–11pm

Be there at Westside Park–food, entertainment, and hopefully no rain.



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Curbanas Are Here!

This morning the city workers were in downtown Urbana this am assembling the new “Curbanas” (parklets) in front of Crane Alley with the one in front of Cafeteria and Co to follow pronto. The temporary structures come in a kit and extend the sidewalk into the parking places–like two parking spots will be taken in each location.

Curbanas are here
The first of the new Curbanas took shape this morning in front of Crane Alley in downtown Urbana

So some questions:

  • Will there be more of these next year?
  • Are they big enough to actually seat four people at a table?
  • Willl the loss of parking spots be no big deal for downtown Urbana?
  • Will they come to downtown Champaign next–and what will we call them–Chamcurbs?

Enlighten me!


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Letter From Birdland

Letter From Birdland
Letter From Birdland

This lovely little Champaign area blog is written locally–well in Birdland a few miles away by a woman with an eye and a heart for quiet moments on important things. Things that get lost in the clutter and noise of life.

Recent Letter From Birdland blogs are on milkweed–you know we need them in order for the monarch butterflies to survive.

Another was reprinted in the News Gazette and featured the Indianapolis Cultural Trail–didn’t even know it existed.

Mary Lucille Hays is the aiuthor of this fine site and periodically does writing workshops.

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Champaign Spring Garden

Cut those blossoms off those pansies before planting--and float them!
Cut those blossoms off those pansies before planting–and float them!

We are due to get some serious rain the next few days and this is a perfect day to get some early spring garden in around Champaign Urbana. No joke- April 1 is not too early for some basic flowers and veggies.

Plant Pansies

If you are looking when to plant them- now or on October 1. Pansies like cool weather.

If you are wondering how to plant pansies here are the basics:

  • Get small healthy plants
  • Cut all the blossoms off- enjoy them in a flat bowl- its called “floating pansies”.
  • Plant in a pot in light soil.
  • Water and feed them and they should keep blooming- just keep cutting the old flowers off.

Another option today is to plant some greens or broccoli family veggies–like kale, chard, etc.

Pansies will bloom well until August if you cut off old blossoms, water well, and keep them in a cool place.
Pansies will bloom well until August if you cut off old blossoms, water well, and keep them in a cool place.


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2014 New Year’s Wish

No More Polar Vortex

First of all I would wish that whoever invented the idea of having this Polar Vortex deal show up in Illinois be sent back to meteorologist school. There were people in the ditch, frozen pipes, chilled toes, and too much time at home with kids. So we’ve experienced that and lets put the next one off for another 20 years or so.

We can live without cold like the last few days just fine.
We can live without cold like the last few days just fine.

Trader Joe’s in CU

Wouldn’t it be cool to just bike over to TJ say in Savoy someplace or in the old Country Fair space–like next to where True Value in going. I mean just cruise over there and get some of that great peanut butter, or some of those awesome quinoa/black bean chips. Can you just imagine being able to get good old “two buck chuck” right here in Champaign Urbana? We are dying for a real grocery store here–even a Whole Foods would be welcome!

Life in CU would improve with one less generic grocery and one more Trader Joes in 2014.
Life in CU would improve with one less generic grocery and one more Trader Joes in 2014.

Ikea — might as well wish!

This is just fantasy to be sure but to have the blue and yellow right here in central Illinois would be wonderful. Right now we have to drive to Ikea in Chicago (like Bolingbrook or Schaumburg) to wander through the maze and sip cheap coffee. Granted that driving up there gets us out of town and the big city is so much fun. But the huge advantage of having the Swedes close is that we wouldn’t have to drive three hours with boxes hanging out our trunk!

Imagine this store down in Savoy--and being able to drop in for that 99 cent breakfast any day you want.
Imagine this store down in Savoy–and being able to drop in for that 99 cent breakfast any day you want.

So those are my wishes for 2014.

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