They call Philo the center of the universe- and it is! This is one reason why when people look for houses for sale in Champaign Urbana , they don’t look in CU- they go to the cosmic center of everything- PHILO!

Wikipedia mentions little of this universal connection but it is none the less for real. Check out the statement from the mayor- or perhaps he is the supreme ruler- on the official Philo site.

On behalf of the Trustees of the Board of Trustees I would like to welcome you to the Village of Philo, IL website. Aptly referred to as “The Center of the Universe,” Philo is a rural community approximately 8 miles south of Urbana-Champaign, home of the University of Illinois. We are justly proud of our community, its residents, and the churches, schools and businesses that all contribute to the outstanding quality of life that residents enjoy. We sincerely hope that our website provides you with the information that you desire.

Aptly he says- here is the proof- water towers don’t lie:

Philo is indeed the “Center of the Universe

There is more to this little town. You have to know about the Philo Tavern– a great watering hole with loads of small town schtick and small town taste and prices as well. Drop in there any evening…weekends are lively but it is always a family friendly sort of place.

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