1. We listen to you

Here’s how it starts: we listen to you.

Since our objective is to find the perfect home for you in Champaign Urbana, we want to fully understand your criteria, your wishes and dreams, and every thought you have about your home purchase.

Listen means we will meet with you, ask questions, and then get our ears open to understand exactly what you are thinking.

We know Champaign Urbana inside out, and we want to be able to help you focus your search for a home here. So this first step is crucial- get a full and clear picture of what you are looking for.

University of Illinois statue- Alma Mater
The Alma Mater at the U of I welcomes you to CU!

Practical hint:

Think about what you want in a home (the way they do on the HGTV  ) and have it ready when you meet with Sharon, Jeannie, or Lisa. Yes just like on House Hunters or Selling New York , have a brief list together of what you want. This will clarify your head about your interests and it will greatly help your real estate pro in listening and focusing your search.

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