3. Look, look, look

Champaign Urbana, this is your market…have fun!

As a buyer now – and especially with Champaign Urbana real estate– you are in the drivers seat. This is a buyers market which simply means that you are at an advantage. There are many homes to look at and they are generally well priced.

One down side is that with so many homes to look at, it is easy for the search process to get bogged down.

Here is how we can help you: we can narrow the search based on what you want and then get you out to see them. Often after looking at the first few homes we will serve you on a number of ways:

1. Do some neighborhood and property valued research on one or two homes that interest you.

2. Come up with some additional homes to view based on new ideas that have surfaced- this almost always happens.

3. Talk to the listing agent for property that interests you for more details or specific questions and arrange a second showing.

4. Sometimes you may ask for our opinion on a property. We will gladly give you advice on location, price, condition of the home, etc.

Here is our commitment to you…

We will stay with you in the search. Sometimes it takes awhile to find just the right place. Our job is to keep showing you homes and doing research as long as it takes to find just the right place for you.

Practical hint…

Be ready to start deciding…like narrowing the list down. The objective from the first viewing trip will be to narrow the list of houses from say 10 down to 3. It is also possible that you may change your criteria and refocus your search.

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