4. Offer and negotiate

Here is where you need a realtor who is good at bargaining.

When you are ready to make an offer on a home in Champaign Urbana, we will handle all the paperwork and be sure all legalities are covered. Beyond this we will serve you by going over a checklist of options on what to include in the contract.

What follows an offer is usually a negotiating process and we will help you every step of the way to get the home at the best price and under the most favorable conditions (date, inclusions, allowances, etc).

In summary we will:

  • Negotiate your contract to achieve the best possible terms based on what you want
  • Work with lenders to assist you with the process of applying for and obtaining mortgage financing
  • Obtain important documents, such as property disclosure form and condominium documents, and deliver them to you and your attorney
  • Accompany your inspector during home inspection and final walk-through
  • Monitor all contingencies to ensure they have been met
  • Coordinate your closing date so that your move in is just when you want it
  • Assist with the transferring or setup of utilities
  • Recommend service providers for home-improvement or maintenance projects
  • Handle any and all details leading up to your closing
  • Attend your closing and assist you after your closing

Practical Hint:

It is expected that you will offer less than asking price. This is not dishonest or rude. Let your realtor be the “tough guy” and listen as they guide you through the back and forth process. Be patient.

14 Briar Hill, Champaign
14 Briar Hill, Champaign is a condo for sale by Sharon Harkness in west Champaign.

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