5. Closing

Real Estate Closings in Champaign Urbana

The real estate closings in Champaign Urbana usually take 1-2 hours…and it is so important that you have one of our team and perhaps a lawyer there as well- depending on the conditions of the sale. This is part of our service and we will be there as an advocate for you.

Most of the time the closing will happen at a local title company. There are other options- perhaps even that you are unable to attend and need to have someone else there with power of attorney.

At any rate, papers get signed, last minute details get negotiated, checks get exchanged- and perhaps rewritten. Many things can happen at a closing and we will be right there with being sure your interests are served.

And then you get the keys!

Practical hint:

Be ready for glitches- this is why you have a realtor. It is very rare to leave a closing without keys in your hands, but sometimes little yet important issues arise. Again, this is another reason to have a skilled real estate pro at your side.

Jeannie, Sharon and Lisa of Sharon Harkness real Estate

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