Clark Park

When you look for vintage homes for sale in Champaign– and you want the community feel- check out the real estate in the Clark Park area. This varied area stretches from Armory (Champaign Country Club) to Springfield Avenue on the north, and from Prospect to Russell on the western side.

This is the best in west side Champaign living. Classic Clark Park with tennis courts and lots of grass. Spacious homes and a true community with lots of connection…there is even a Clark Park group on Facebook!

Clark Park is one of the nicest of the Champaign parks- quiet and a great family environment. There is a huge play scape area, two tennis courts, and a very serviceable basketball court. A great place to sit and relax or have a picnic.

Another plus of this area is that it is an easy jaunt to downtown Champaign and the U of I. By foot or by car you can wind through the near campus neighborhoods to make your way there in a short time.

Call Sharon Harkness about homes available in this area….she is an expert on west Champaign homes and she especially knows this area.


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