Robeson Meadows

This lovely housing area in southwest Champaign is so well described on their site:

“Our beautiful subdivision is located in southwest Champaign and contains 271 beautiful lots, two lakes, 2 city parks, a newly planted butterfly garden, paths and several other open spaces. We are part of what was the 300 acre Robeson farm property. In 1986 our subdivision began as part of a planned residential, office, retail and social/recreational development which also included: Robeson Crossing, Robeson Meadows West and the Village at the Crossing. The Robeson Meadows Greenbelt trail begins here and links with adjacent residential areas and with Robeson Crossing and the Village at the Crossing. This walking & bicycling corridor also connects to other Champaign Park District trails throughout Champaign. In addition, we are located on a major east-west bike path located on the south side of Champaign and which connects with our sister city, Urbana and the University of Illinois.”

There is plenty of space for a long walk…ready access to the cool new Village at the Crossing…and lots of beautiful homes to choose from.

This is a family oriented area with a 4th of July parade, annual “Neighborhood Day” celebration, a fishing derby, and much more.

People keep in touch and there is an active Neighborhood Watch program.

Visit the Robeson Meadows site and call us if we can help you find a home there.

The lakes and fishing and ice skating and canoeing are all a special part of life at Robeson Meadows

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