2. Pricing

The bad news- the truth about real estate values in Champaign Urbana.

Home values are down. The local Champaign Urbana real estate market is no exception. So the hard truth is that you will have to be open to selling for perhaps less than you expect. Perhaps less than you paid. Perhaps even less than you owe.

The good news-  how we will help you.

There is more to home listing than price.

But it is important to price it right, which means low. Again, possibly less than you paid or owe and certainly less than you want to get. It’s tough, but the best advice a realtor can give you is start at a gettable price. we will help you determine that price.

Then we go to work for you to get that home in the best shape and push the best marketing campaign to make it shine to buyers and get it sold.

Practical hint:

Start right now through the emotional process of living with the new real estate paradigm. Gary Keller in “Shift” makes it clear that the home market has changed and it is never going back. We understand this well and can help you through the selling process to maximize your profit.

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