4. Marketing

Marketing is our middle name.

We will go to work right away to design and expedite a marketing campaign for your home that will make it front and center for Champaign Urbana real estate buyers. An emphasis will be to maximize the number of people who actually walk through your home. We know that if they see it, they will love it.

We are internet experts.

Bottom line is that the internet is crucial for the marketing of your home. But reality is that the web is crowded especially when it come to homes for sale in Champaign Urbana. So what we do is to leverage strategic internet approaches so that those buyers out there know about your home and want to see it.

We do so much with internet marketing that there is a whole page on it following this page.

Traditional marketing.

Ironically, since the internet is so crowded, the time tested approaches are critical and here is what we like to include for you as a buyer:

  • Excellent print pieces- folders and brochures that really show off your home.
  • Word of mouth. We have a huge fan base and we know people all over town. So we get the word out and it is amazing how often this is what sells a home
  • Open houses. We pick the strategic weekends (like not Christmas- this isn’t rocket science really) and then we open your place up to interested lookers. Often we use signage in the area, fliers, newspaper notices in the News Gazette, and again word of mouth to pack ’em in.
  • Broker open houses. This is when we invite other real estate professionals in for say wine and cheese and a tour of your home for sale. This helps to get your property front and center with people who deal with buyers every day.

Practical Hint:

When we prepare some print pieces to sell your Champaign home, use them or our business cards to mention to people you meet about your home. This simple word of mouth approach often is what brings that interested buyer- you never know when the next person you meet might change your life forever!

Every day homes sell in Champaign Urbana neighborhoods
Every day homes sell in Champaign Urbana and we will do all we can to see yours sell soon!

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