Redwolves and Jackrabbits?

Is this football or what?

Sounds like a piece off the Nature Channel.

But no…it’s the first two opponents the U of I football team faces this season. As a matter of fact they faced those Redwolves (never heard of such a beast for real) from Arkansas State, bit them hard, and sent them howling out of town.

And next week it is the Jackrabbits easing into town from South Dakota State to meet our boys…who have sand of course. They will roll- or hop – in from Brookings and there is good news: they can scream “gojacks!” all they want, but this team should be cake.

More good news.

There are plenty of tickets for this match…surprise! As a matter of fact the low (45,154) attendance at last weeks wolf deal was of real concern to our new athletic director, Mike Thomas. This morning’s News Gazette featured this issue and explained that Thomas would be knocking on a few doors (actually getting his coaches to do that), digging up some old tricks he used at Cincinnati, and looking at the “philosophy of scheduling”. Hey Mike- I’m not sure it is really a philosophy. This is football- smashmouth football and this is just called plain ole “scheduling teams you can cremate” so that when the Big 10 season comes. you have at least four wins…five if you can knock off Northwestern again this year.


Attendance can be an issue at Illini games...but at least the band is good!
Hey speaking of Northwestern, we aren't doing that run into the wall and switch direction Wrigley thing again are we? That place was built for baseball. Leave it alone.

Even more good news.

The next two games on the Illinois football schedule are very winnable and actually the whole season looks about as favorable to the Illini as it could be. And Thomas says winning is one of those things that is most important for bringing the faithful into the old house that Red built. Actually we all know that alcohol sales would do it a lot quicker- but that’s not going to happen.

Thomas knows what he is talking about I think. He packed out Nippert Stadium (great name!) by encouraging coaches to get out into the community and of course by showing Gilligan’s Island reruns on the jumbotron during time outs.

Did I miss something?

I was just poking around on this football schedule site and I saw this info on Illinois:

Location: Champaign, Illinois
Stadium: Memorial Stadium
Capacity: 62,872
Mascot: None
Conference: Big Ten
Schedule: 2011 Football Schedule

Two things- I had no idea that that place held over 62,000 fans- Thomas has his work cut out for him.

Also we have “none” for a mascot? I know the Chief is gone- sort of – but did we not replace that racist image? We can think of something…anything- even a Jackrabbit  – would be better than NONE! Can you imagine the dance they have at halftime up there in South Dakota?

Here is how to get tickets.

I used to just call Mad Max back in the 80s to get good tickets…or go around the corner on Ells to his house …or catch him along Kirby before the game. Max was a Champaign legend.

But I think the approved method now for Illinois football tickets is to go to this site and buy them.

Prices are $50 for these first five winnable games and $65 for the last three loosable ones. Hmm…not sure I get the logic of the pricing structure. I guess we pay a bit more for the pleasure of seeing our boys in orange just maybe knock off Ohio State or Michigan or Wisconsin….maybe.

I will tell you something my friend: I saw those Wisconsin guys play on TV last week and to be sure, they play like Badgers- not Jackrabbits!

We're loyal to you, Illinois...have a great season!

Market at the Square in Downtown Urbana

When is it? Every Saturday morning, 7 AM-12 noon, rain or shine

Where is it? Corner of Illinois & Vine Streets in Downtown Urbana

Why do you not want to miss it?

  • Market at the Square is one of the largest and most diverse farmers’ markets in Illinois, and helps demonstrate Urbana’s firm commitment to sustainability.
  • This gateway into Lincoln Square Village and historic downtown Urbana has enjoyed steady patronage since its inception in 1979…and over the years it has been alot of fun!
  • Market at the Square showcased over 170 registered vendors in 2009, and people flock in by the thousands each weekend.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of made-in-Illinois goods at the Market, including fresh produce, meat and dairy products, prepared foods, plants, and flowers to jewelry, pottery, wood workings, candles, bodycare products, garden décor, clothing, and more!


Join thousands of residents and visitors during Market season and connect with growers. Choose locally-raised foods and treasure-hunt among the art and craft vendor booths. Gather information about local non-profits, schools and other community groups on our Community Row. Catch up with friends, take in a set from local performers, and enjoy the public square atmosphere the Market has to offer.

Saturday morning at Market at the Square is one of Urbana’s signature institutions. It’s a great way to kick off your Saturday!

Fall Events Around Champaign Urbana

Urbana really has the the big stage for the Blues, Brews, and Barbeques in the spring.

Both Champaign and Urbana have various great events during the year. Blues, local bands of all kinds, arts, food- and there is a great weekly farmer’s market in downtown Urbana from spring through fall.

The Urbana Business Association is hosting the 36th Annual Sweetcorn Festival & The Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce is converting downtown Mahomet into the Sangamon River Music Festival.   Both communities invite you to come out and spend the weekend with them.

Coming up soon is the 36th annual Sweetcorn Festival in downtown Urbana August 26 and 27.

Here is the lineup for this free event.


5:30 – 6:45 THE BRAT PACK

7:15 – 8:45 The Tons O’ Fun Band

9:15 – 10:45 Headlining – The Boat Drunks


6:00 – 7:00 Lou Dibello Band

7:30 – 8:15 The Feudin’ Hillbillys

9:00 – 10:30 SURVIVOR

For a complete list of activities, <<click here.

Also coming up is the Sangamon River Festival in Downtown Mahomet…one of the truly local festivals.

Here is part of the lineup…

Friday, August 26:
Raminator Monster Truck Rides
Carnival Rides, $17 Armbands
Booth Vendors & Food Court
“Kings Highway”
Bingo – At the Community Building
“Ryan Ideus & Feudin Hillbillys”

Saturday, August 27:
Parade – Begins at Lincoln Trail School
Booth Vendors & Food Court
Carnival Rides $17 Armbands
Raminator Monster Truck Rides
Ronald McDonald Magic Show at Masonic Lodge
Bingo – At the Community Building
CAR SHOW at Sangamon School Parking Lot
Bingo – At the Community Building
Blooze Brothers

Have fun!!!

Our first post

510 S Willis Champaign

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