Coffee Houses in Champaign Urbana

Coffee places in Champaign Urbana

We have a good array of java joints around the area- some around campus and some not. This is not a complete list but these should not be missed by coffee lovers.

Espresso Royale

Its not Expresso Royale and there are 8 locations in town. Good coffee and decent small food. Wifi always seems to work. Clean bathrooms and a drive through that keeps moving. A winner.


East Lansing Michigan has about 40 of these and now CU has two- one at MarketPlace Mall and a new one (May, 2013) on Mattis near Springfield. Good open space and decent coffee.

Bigby sign


In downtown Champaign and maybe my fave. Comfortable, eclectic, good fruit water- they even have a paper thesaurus. Did I spell that right?

This quote is on the header of their site–gives you the flavor of the place:

Caffe Paradisio

The Urbana twin of Kopi- great place to retreat to read- especially when the students are gone. This place is so bohemian, like I mean really cool bohemian.

Aroma Cafe

This place is a bit more compact and crowded than the others but has outside seating. Also has a good offering of food.


The seating behind Aroma can be quite nice on the right day.

Flying Machine Coffee

Urbana Coffee shope
The interior of Flying Machine Coffee in Urbana

This is the newcomer and it is located in downtown Urbana. Currently it is a fave of many. Reason? It has wide open light space, the coffee is very good, and the wifi is quick. There is also a cool back room and they have trivia night every Wednesday. Here is the view from Flying Machine’s front windows:



There are others but these are the ones at the top of the list.


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