Curtis Orchards


Curtis Orchards is one of the truly local and family destinations in Champaign County. It is located just on south Duncan Road and is open July 20- Dec 20.
This piece from the Curtis Orchards site affirms that this is truly a family operation:
From prairie, to farmland, to apple orchard … how this piece of central Illinois changed! George Curtis never knew in 1892 how his land would someday be one of the area’s favorite places for family fun.
Three generations and 85 years later, George Curtis’s great-grandson Paul traded the corn & beans for apples. He & his wife Joyce planted the first trees in 1977. Soon, this couple had a growing business on their hands. Paul & Joyce’s vision of following God’s will for their lives led Paul to retire from Parkland College and go into the apple business full-time.
This young couple worked hard, raised children Debbie, Greg & Chris, and grew the orchard from 700 trees in ‘77 to around 5000 trees today. Debbie’s husband Randy Graham joined the business in ‘83. Now he & Debbie are co-owners and their children Aaron, Rachel, Carissa, Cameron & Julie contribute to Curtis Orchard’s success.
Along the way, God’s providence carried the orchard through both good & trying times. His protective hand kept the farm safe from tree-ravaging fire-blight bacteria, the extreme drought of 1988, and most recently – a late frost in 2007, which destroyed almost all apple & peach crops in Illinois. Amazingly, the Curtis crop that year not just survived, but was one of the best in years.
Now it’s time to make some history of your own. Start a family tradition here. You have plenty of choices: pick apples & pumpkins, feed goats, celebrate birthdays, and much more. Fresh country air and plenty of memories are waiting for you at Curtis Orchard.

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