There are many and varied homes for music and other art forms around Champaign Urbana. The pages that follow feature a few of them. Here are three of the most popular:

Iron Post

This Bohemian- no just run down and local- little place in Urbana has become one of the default places for truly good jazz. Paul Wirth has tended this grubby little bar over the years and has welcomed countless world-renowned jazzists. Many of the jazz favorites at the Post are University of Illinois profs or students– like the two Chips.

Jaz at the Iron Post, Urbana
Jeff Helgeson, Morgan Powell and the boys haulin freight at the Iron Post.

 The High Dive

She may be long and skinny, but she’s been resonating with current sounds since 1999…right in downtown Champaign. This place is a card carrying part of the thriving downtown Champaign music scene.

Mike and Mollys

A true local dive…complete with an outside garden and stage. Home to many local bands and the occasional theater production. This place is a must stop as you walk the downtoen Champaign area on a summer evening.

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