Top Places to Walk, Jog, or Run in Champaign Urbana

Running spot in Champaign Urbana
Colbert Park in Savoy has a great hill for training as well as gravel trails for conditioning for trail running–and there is a water source and restroom!

Chambanamoms recently published a very good list of walking trails around Champaign Urbana–great resource.

When it comes to running spots in CU, there are several and they vary a great deal.

Here is an overview of seven top running and jogging places in the Champaign Urbana area:

-Lake of the Woods near Mahomet- good asphalt trail, 6 miles, shaded for most, nice scenery.

-Meadowbrook Park, Urbana- more of a walking spot and it is cement, but nice prairie area. Near the U of I.

Colbert Park, Savoy– Great hill and gravel paths all around–and drinking water and bathrooms. A bit windswept and near the University of Illinois

-Centennial Track- open almost all the time just west of Centennial High Schoool

Illinois Marathon Route and Stone Creek Drive Trail- decent street route through the Champaign Urbana area. Part of the route goes along Stone Creek Drive which has a great bike run trail.

-U of I Cross Country Trail- Near the Japanese Garden—nice grass trail with a hill

-Kickapoo State Parkand Middle Fork near Oakwood- Good trails both at the park and at the natural area to the north


Illiniois Marathon Today

Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon route
Watch for these signs to alert you to Illinois Marathon runners today.

Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon

Today is the day as 21,000 runners take to the streets of Champaign Urbana for the running of one our area’s biggest events. Tons of info is available on the race website and you can even watch updates on local TV WCIA. it is called “The Extra Mile“.

If you are new to race day here are some pointers:

  • If you want to watch downtown Champaign is a good spot or just go to Memorial Stadium on the U of I campus
  • Watch out in traffic and relax. Look for a Illinois Marathon map and avoid those areas
  • Make a note to volunteer next year. The marathon site has an interactive map so you can volunteer in or near your neighborhood.

Illinois Marathon Results

There are two sites for race results. One is at the race site and the other is Illinois Marathon specific.

Have a great race day and enjoy the run!

2014 Illinois Marathon

Illinois Marathon

The 2014 Illinois Marathon will be run April 26, 2014 in Champaign Urbana and it looks to be another record setting field. The various races for the weekend are all more than 50% full already and with a late spring in the area it should be a perfect day. The only issue the last few years weather wise was a bit of wind two years ago. But last year’s race was perfect.

The Illinois Marathon runs April 26, 2014 on the streets of Champaign Urbana. Photo from Runners World.
The Illinois Marathon runs April 26, 2014 on the streets of Champaign Urbana. Photo from Runners World.

Runners World Recognition

Recently our little race from CU got some serious recognition. It was named one of the top nine new marathons in the country. Runners World (the leading runner mag for everyman runners) listed it with a number of other fine runs including Cary, North Carolina, Pittsburg, and Baton Rouge.

Running blogs all over picked up on this story and the print piece looked good.

Voluteer for the Illinois Marathon

You can get on board helping with the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon by going to their site and contacting them. Help is needed stuffing bags, at intersections, signage..all kinds of ways before and after the race.

2014 Illinois Marathon Route

The Illinois Marathon course snakes through Champaign and Urbana and ends at Memorial Stadium at the U of I.

Illinois Marathon Route.
Illinois Marathon Route.

Illinois Marathon Results

Well it was quite a perfect race day in Champaign Urbana and all went perfectly for the Christie Clinic Marathon.  Some ran for fun. Some were serious as this is a good opportunity to qualify for other marathons including the Boston Marathon.

The fifth annual Illinois Marathon went off without a hitch.
The fifth annual Illinois Marathon went off without a hitch.

For all the results see the Illinois Marathon site.

And…remember to save the date! Next year’s dates are April 24–26, 2014.

Illinois Marathon Route

The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon is coming back to town this weekend (April 25-27) and we all need to be aware of the route. Some 21,000 runners will run the streets of Champaign Urbana Friday evening and Saturday and you will not be able to drive (or ride MTD) as usual.

The Illinois Marathon route winds and loops through both Champaign and Urbana.


This image is probably not good enough for most readers but a full Illinois Marathon route map can be found on the marathon site.

Cool thing about this course is that it goes right through both communities. Down side for non-race enthusiasts is that it disrupts traffic.

Anyway be aware that especially mid to late morning Saturday there will be runners on the streets and volunteers will at least delay you if not reroute you as you drive the streets of CU.