Rabbits Eating Your Champaign Garden?

U of i extension
This little critter ate my kale, lettuce and about anything he wanted until he met a Havahart trap.

We all love wildlife.

But when it comes to the little bunnies eating our Central Illinois gardens that we all slave over to produce some greenery for our tables, love becomes a non-issue. We want rid of those “silly wabbits”!

Recently one had some prize kale and young lettuce that disappeared over a period of a few days due to a growing young eastern cottontail in Champaign.

The University of Illinois Extension gives some passive approaches to the issue of these garden bandits. They suggest plants they don’t like and other forms of environmental modification. Usually the way we feel though is that we would like to take more direct means.

One of the best solutions is to use the time honored “Havahart” trap. These can be had for $40-50 and the off brands (pictured above) will run half of that–and they obviously work!

You may ask “What kind of bait did one use to catch the furry little guy?” Did I use his favorite lettuce? Or some rabbit food?

The best bait seems to be some apple juice, apple sauce, and a little carrot-gets them every time


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