Carle Park Urbana

There are many fine parks dotted across the Champaign Urbana area. They offer great walking spots (Meadowbrook Urbana), swimming (Centennial Champaign), events (Westside Champaign with its Taste of Champaign Urbana this weekend) and many more.

But one of the grandest, best shaded, most tranquil, and oldest of them all is Carle Park in Urbana.

Carle Park features a tree walk guiding you to some of the areas grandest trees, sculpture- even a Laredo Taft, and lots of shade.

Here are some pics:

Lincoln statue at Carle Park
This Laredo Taft sculpture of Lincoln is a Champaign Urbana treasure.
Laredo Taft in Urbana.
Laredo Taft was one of the CU area artists years ago.
Urbana Park District.
The tranquility of Carle Park Urbana is unmatched.
M. M. Treewalk in Carle Park
The tree walk in Carle Park.
Trees in Carel Park Urbana
Sidewalks are few under the trees at Carle Park.
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