5 Nights of Hitch at The Virginia

Five Nights of Hitch

It is Halloween and the perfect time for some Alfred Hitchcock thrillers. And the setting for this weeklong Hitchcock film series is the lovely restored Virginia Theatre in the heart of downtown Champaign.

Tickets for the Hitchcock series can be purchased online or at the door and they are only $5. Shows are at 7p and 10p every night this week through Halloween.

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Ebertfest, 2012

Eberfest is upon us in Champaign Urbana and this 14th annual looks to be one of the best. The Virginia Theatre will open its vintage doors with its newly refurbished Wurlitzer and the crowds will settle in before the grand silver screen to witness some films new and old.

Roger Ebert is of course a native some of Urbana and film is a big part of the cultural weave of these communities.

Here are some highlights of this year’s festival:

7:00 pm Joe Versus the Volcano (PG; 94 min) Stephen Goldblatt Cinematographer, DP
10:00 pm The Truth About Beauty & Blogs (13 min) Kelechie Ezie Writer, Co-Producer, Actor
10:15 pm Phunny Business: A Black Comedy
(84 min)
John Davies Writer, Director, Producer
Raymond Lambert Writer, Producer
Reid Brody Producer
Ali LeRoi Comedian
1:00 pm Big Fan (R; 88 min) Robert Siegel Director
Patton Oswalt Actor
4:00 pm Kinyarwanda (96 min) Alrick Brown Writer, Director, Producer
Ishmael Ntihabose Executive Producer, Story
Darren Dean Producer
Tommy Oliver Producer
Deatra Harris Producer
Cassandra Freeman Actor
Hadidja Zaninka Actor
8:30 pm Terri (R; 105 min) Azazel Jacobs Director
Jacob Wysocki Actor
10:30 pm Kind Hearts and Coronets (110 min)* Hosted by Patton Oswalt, Actor
Foellinger Auditorium / University of Illinois campus
Free and open to the public
1:00 pm On Borrowed Time (87 min) Paul Cox Subject (Australian Director)
4:00 pm Wild AND Weird: The Alloy Orchestra Plays 10 Fascinating and Innovative Films 1906-1926 (PG: 80 min) Alloy Orchestra
8:30 pm A Separation (PG-13; 123 min) Peyman Moadi Actor
1:00 pm Higher Ground (R; 109 min) Carolyn S. Briggs Writer
4:00 pm Patang (The Kite) (92 min) Prashant Bhargava Writer, Director
Jaideep Punjabi Producer
Vijay Bhargava Executive Producer
Ranjana Bhargava Associate Producer
Thomas Jobe Associate Producer
James Townsend Writer
Seema Biswas Actor
Nawazuddin Siddiqui Actor
8:30 pm Take Shelter (R; 120 min) Jeff Nichols Director
Michael Shannon Actor
Michael Barker Distributor
12:00 pm Citizen Kane (PG; 119 min) Audio commentary by Roger Ebert
Intro and Q&A by David Bordwell
Jeffrey Lerner Producer for audio commentary

Tickets are still gettable- a few for individual sessions only.

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Ebertfest…just around the corner!

The 14th annual Goger Ebert’s Film Festival or “Eberfest” is coming to the Virginia Theatre in just eight days.

Here are the basics:

Date: April 25-29

Location: The Virginia Theatre in downtown Champaign

Tickets: www.thevirginia.org – note that festival passes are sold out but some individual tickets are available.


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Downtown Champaign…alive and well!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Osgb3HeQHA]
In the last 10-15 years, downtown Champaign has become an important part of the life of this “micro-urban” community. Before then it was empty, the traffic sped through, and the stores closed up nights and weekends.

All that has changed now.

The Virginia Theatre has been renovated and is now home to frequent quality and sometimes nostalgic events. Bars and restaurants such as Boltinis, Seven Saints, the vintage Esquire Lounge, and Escobars as well as scores of others crowd the byways of downtown Champaign.

All of this is close to the University of Illinois and is easily accessed by Champaign Urbana MTD as well.

Real estate in downtown Champaign is hopping now as well. Developments such as M1 and M2 have put this area on the Champaign Urbana Real Estate map.

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