Boneyard Arts Festival

The Boneyard Arts Festival is coming up soon and you will want to get the app and be ready to take in one of the major Champaign Urbana art events.

The Boneyard Arts Festival is coming up again in 2015— and you will want to get the app and be ready to take in one of the major Champaign Urbana art events.

The annual Boneyard Arts Festival (named for the creek which stretches through the heart of the twin cities) has become a major event featuring many venues and all kinds of art. It is produced annualy by 40 North | 88 West. This is the 13th Anniversary of the BONEYARD ARTS FESTIVAL  and it will take place April 9-12, 2015.

Here is what Kelly White posted recently on the Boneyard blog:

Presented by 40 North | 88 West, the Boneyard Arts Festival is a four-day event showcasing the broad range of creative activity flourishing in our community. Its goal is to bring together local artists, businesses and organizations for a special event showcasing the art of Champaign County.

More than a traditional arts walk, the Boneyard is a unique countywide celebration that takes place in a wide variety of venues (over 100!) – both traditional (clubs, cafes, galleries & museums) and non-traditional (eye clinics & law offices) – and features the work of literally hundreds of artists.

Sculptors, weavers, painters, photographers and other visual artists join musicians, actors, dancers, poets and performers of all kinds in sharing their creativity throughout Champaign, Urbana, UI Campus, Rantoul, Mahomet, Homer and Fisher.

40 North invites artists to partner with local businesses, arts organizations, nonprofits, schools and municipal offices in hosting performances and displays of work…and join the celebration!

There is even an app for the festival…again from
Cruise the Boneyard Arts Festival with the FREE guide-to-the-arts iPhone App by Keyword ’40N’ in the App Store to download today!

The Boneyard festival is usually in the month of April…in 2015 it is April 9-12.

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