Iron Post

The Iron Post (The Post) in downtown Urbana is a cluttered classic and it is also home to some of the best in local music- especially jazz. All kinds of bands and acts grace the place- usually every night of the week.

To call it bohemian in decor would be too kind – it’s just run down and old. And to call it bar food would be spot on- very basic. Food is fresh and the drinks are reasonable.

But you don’t do “The Post” for the mood lighting or caviar. It’s the sounds that make this place such a local prize. Sitting outside to chat in warm months is a good afternoon or evening move.

Morgan Powell and Jeff Helgesen and their assorted combos are often heard at The Post…great jazz.

Jazz at the Iron Post

Jeff Helgesen haulin freight at the Iron Post.

Jazz at the Iron Post

Morgan Powell and his crew…often seen at The Post.

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