Folk, Roots, and More

Folk music in Champaign Urbana

Part 3 of the series had Melissa Merli giving a great overview of this growing and diverse scene in CU. She notes that part of the increased focus on this area is the advent of the new C-U Folk and Roots Festival. This annual festival centers itself in downtown Urbana.

Folk Music Venues in Champaign Urbana

1. Techline- yes its a furniture store. But it is local and the owners love folk. 307 S Locust, C.

2. Strawberry Fields has been in Urbana “forever” and is host to some small acts as well as a good dose of organic hippies. 306 W Sprgfld, U.

3. Sleepy Creek Vinyards near Oakwood. They do some cool local acts as well as better known national ones.

4. Kickapoo Landing at the state park also near Oakwood. A cool setting for some local gigs Tues and Fri in season.

5. Once again…The Iron Post. This place at 120 S Race, Urbana is host to many many acts.

6. Phillips Rec Center, 505 W Stoughton, Urbana, where the Urbana Country Dancers hold forth two Fridays a month.

7.Shady Nook Pub in Saybrook. Yes in Saybrook. No address needed, just drive around for a bit when you hit town and you’ll find it.


Rose Bowl, Hubers, UCIMC, Buvons, Heartland Gallery, Memphis on Main, Canopy Club, Clark Bar, The Pink House, Channing Murray, Cowboy Monkey, JR Diggers at Country Fair, Champaign.

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