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Country Music in Champaign Urbana

The News Gazette published a series called ‘Music Month” in e3 in March, 2012 and it was an excellent overview. Paul Woods wrote the second installment on country dives in Champaign Urbana, and here is a brief list: 1. The Rose Bowl at 106 N Race, Urbana has to be number 1. Founded in 1946 (when men were men and country was country) this place has a classic historic bar, bands 3 nights a week or so and features some regulars such as The Feudin Hilbillys and some big names like Dale Watson. We recently saw Bill Kirchen there (Hot Rod Lincoln) – great show- and Kirchen is back there in May, 2014!

Country Music Venues in Champaign Urbana

2. The Assembly Hall  -now State Farm Center- regularly attracts top current country groups like Rascal Flats and many others. 3. The Bement Country Opry- its in Bement, just drive around and you’ll find it- has some great weekend twangin’ and features a house band. 4. The Eagles Lodge, 605 Edgebrook Dr, Champaign is a fave on weekends. 5.The Urbana VFW  on east main in Urbana has periodic live acts. 6. Memphis on Main in Champaign has all kinds of music but will be a place for modern country (is that an oxymoron?) now and then. 7. The Sidney Saloon (leave your six shooter at the door,boys) , 204 S David, Sidney, “has booked interesting bands” says Wood. Interesting? 8. The Shady Nook in Saybrook. I have no idea. So there you have it…”country and music” is alive and well in the Champaign Urbana music scene.

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